Are you aware of GBP

Are you aware of GBP?

What is GBP?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is free internet listings that show crucial company information. Businesses may appear in local search results (the Map Pack) in Google Maps with a well-optimized GBP. Potential clients can locate and interact with the company more easily.

Importance of GBP:

You can now understand how to optimize Google business profile and why GBP is important for your business. There are several reasons of Importance of Google My Business, including improving corporate exposure and client interaction.

Let’s see some of the greatest Importance of GBP for your company:

Increased visibility:

  • GBP data shows the typical firm gets 1,260 monthly views. 
  • Additionally, Google GBP numbers suggest that a filled profile makes consumers 70% more likely to visit your company and 50% more likely to consider buying. 
  • Thus, without an optimized GBP, you’re losing views, clicks, traffic, and paying clients.

Trust and Credibility:

  • Customers feel more confident buying from a trustworthy company. Establishing trust and credibility with prospective clients is crucial for every organization. GBP creation and optimization are effective ways to achieve this.
  • GBP-branded brands are more reputable online. This is partially because people trust Google to check companies. Stated Google won’t validate a shady company.
  • Your GBP also gives your firm transparency, which builds trust. Users are more inclined to trust your company if they can see your location, contact info, and products.
  • Conversely, erroneous profile information may lower brand trust and credibility.

Customer Engagement:

  • Customers may post reviews, ask questions, and send direct messages to an optimized Google Business Profile. This is crucial for engaging prospective consumers since many use reviews to make purchases.
  • Your firm gains credibility when consumers leave authentic reviews. Additionally, Google ranks local companies based on reviews. Responding to reviews shows Google your Profile is active.
  • Good client reviews are free advertising for your business. Since they’re not motivated by your firm, people trust them, like personal recommendations. 

Process to create GBP:

The steps to create a Google My Business profile are simple and given below:

Create a Profile with a Business name and business category:

Start by signing in to your Google account or Google My Business login account or creating one if you don’t have one.

  • Go to Google Business Profile Manager and select “Manage now.”
  • Enter your business name to add your business. Your company may be on Google Maps via Google map listing as users may propose new sites. Click on your business in the dropdown. You must claim it if someone else manages it (we’ll explain later). If it’s missing, add it.
  • When creating your Business Profile, choose the major category (e.g., restaurant, shoe shop, legal firm) and click “Next”.
  • Select “No” on the following box if you do not serve clients at your company address.
  • If you operate a plumbing company in Seattle and do services at clients’ homes, you do not need to have a business address. Instead, add a service area. We’ll discuss this when you set up your Profile.
  • Hybrid businesses must add a location. Hybrid enterprises deliver and visit clients.

Example: a dine-in restaurant that delivers. Hybrid enterprises require a location and service area.

  • Choose “Yes” and click “Next”.
  • Select your nation and input your street address, city, state, and ZIP code on the following screen. Click “Next”.

Your company address

  • Complete your contact information, including your phone number and optional company website, and click “Next.”
  • Customer contact info

Google Business Profile Verification

After entering your information, a confirmation google business page will appear. Click “Continue”.

After verifying your Google Business Profile, many actions may occur. Usually, users must validate their business via:

  • Phone
  • Text, email, and live video call.
  • Recording video

A sent postcard

Verification time frames vary per Google verification method. Postcards with verification codes take longer to arrive than texts.

  • You should be validated quickly after entering your verification code. Google may manually examine a listing in certain situations. Verification may take up to seven business days.
  • You may edit your Profile while waiting for verification. Users won’t see them until you’re confirmed.

Verified edits visible

  • Google sometimes verifies profiles automatically. After verifying your company website with Google Search Console (GSC), your GBP may be validated instantaneously.
  • You can also build a Google Business Profile and validate the site using GSC. Your GBP will be validated without any of the above procedures.
  • Creating your GBP using a Google account connected to a GSC-verified website will quickly verify your Profile.

Google Business Verification

Bulk verification may let a firm create several accounts for various physical locations. Bulk verification might save you time if you operate a pizza franchise in central New York and Boston. Google’s company verification guide has further information. 

How to optimize GBP:

Below we have mentioned 8 Steps to GBP Listing Optimization:

Google updates and adds to Google Business Profile as well as its algorithms. Local companies may use listing creation and optimization as additional marketing strategies.

This step-by-step guide will help you improve your GBP listing and know Why is map listing important for your business and dominate local marketing on this social site.

Step 1: Complete Key Information

This Google Business Profile represents your company. So making one isn’t enough. It should include all the required information to grab attention.

These crucial aspects include:

  • An appropriate business name
  • Address
  • Phone number Email
  • Website URL Operating hours

Your viewers will initially notice them. Their absence from the listing will cast suspicion on your business’s legitimacy. This will cause them to move on to the next one without acting.

Your fundamentals should be addressed thoroughly to attract leads and conversions.

Get in touch with us to get the services.

Step 2: Verify Listing

After creating your listing, obtain your verification code. Google usually sends a postcard with a code.

  • Enter the code into your GBP account and modify anything.
  • Phone verification is provided for certain companies. Google will call these business numbers. If you’re on Google Search Console, your location should be validated instantaneously.
  • In the End, Log in to GBP, click “website,” and “publish.” Done.

Step 3: Add keywords

Keeping your listing basic is easier but not best for this new site. Try SEO and consider terms people might use to discover you. Put them in the title and description.

See the character count and rules for help.

Step 4: Set Your Hours

How often does a company not display its hours? Potential customers are frustrated and may be killed. That consumer may discover the next company within hours with one click. Review and adjust seasonal and holiday hours.

Step 5: Post Photos

Presenting your company clearly and attractively is also crucial. This must be 10KB-5MB JPG or PNG. The minimum resolution is 720 x 720.

Step 6: Add More Visuals

Continue after a photo. Include your company’s logo, inside images, or a short film. Under 100 MB and 720p or above are required. Keep it under 30 seconds.

Step 7: Select CTA

Google has several buttons. Add a shortcut for appointment booking or texting. Your organization may feature a “Service” button. You may explain your services again using those keywords. Include as many relevant alternatives as possible to simplify business interactions.

Step 8: Add Q&A

Question and Answers is another Google feature. Answering reader queries lets you engage.

Another chance for your organization to shine. Indeed, 25% of sites contain unsolved questions. Be a fast-responding firm. 

Advantages of using GBP:

Let’s discover the top seven advantages of a local SEO business listing now.

1. Searchers Will See It Before Your Website

Online users create opinions about your organization in seconds. A completely optimized Google Business Profile is one of the finest methods to create a strong first impression. 

  • Most prospective clients will find your firm via a local Google search before visiting your website or social media. 
  • Your local company list your business on Google should be thorough and informative to give customers confidence in your business and doing business with you.

2. Build Business Trust

Google is one of the most reliable services. Having your local company featured on Google can boost your credibility. 

  • Google says “Customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider a business reputable if they find a complete Business Profile on Google Search.”
  • Local Google Business Profiles with mostly favorable ratings help buyers trust your business. If most of your customers had a nice experience, they’ll anticipate the same.

3. Increase much-needed online reviews

Reviews, every firm needs them. After creating your Google Business profile, start gathering good reviews. Customers may submit reviews on your company’s my business listing by clicking the top right button. Reviews are one of the best strategies to boost your internet presence since they show in local search results.

  • You want every review to be favorable since buyers generally read them first on your Google profile before visiting your website. People decide to buy, phone, or visit your shop based on your star rating and reviews. 
  • Your company may seem unviable without reviews. You need at least five reviews, ideally 40, to convince customers to come or support your local company. You may also provide clients a link to your Google profile to post a review after they buy.

4. Get Digital Insights Detail

Google also offers specific Local SEO services and company performance information. After creating your profile, Google will provide you with a monthly report with vital metrics, including the following:

  • Customer search terms for your company
  • How frequently you were found
  • The number of reviews
  • How often your profile was visited
  • How many clicked your website link?

You may access this report in your profile anytime. This data may show you how Google users engage with your company. This information may be used to strengthen your local company profile and digital marketing approach. Knowing how frequently you appear in search results might help you track SEO.

5. Improve Google Search Ranking

Local SEO marketing relies on Google Business Profile to distinguish you in your neighborhood and service region. SEO and Google search rankings need several tools and approaches to improve.

  • Google initially displays nearby companies when a client searches for one. Without a profile, you may appear in Google’s results, but significantly lower.
  • Google prioritizes companies with profiles, so they appear first. Users seldom browse down their search results, therefore you want to be in the top few.
  • Google Maps will include your local business profile with a red symbol that people may click.

6. Increase Website Traffic

Your primary Google Business Profile page links to your website. One of the first things buyers notice on your profile. If clients want to learn more about your local company or can’t remember your website URL, they may use your Google Company Profile. They’ll likely look for it on Google first.

  • This lets customers discover your website quickly without having to memorize the address, which might be difficult. 
  • You don’t want customers or prospective customers to leave your website because they can’t locate the link. Additionally, Google appreciates when you utilize its tools.

7. Get Free Marketing

Google Business can also handle your business’s contact information, photographs, and more. You may add a business to Google, add additional locations, update your address and phone number, and connect to the latest website material for consumers.

  • After Google approves and activates your local company page, you may access the free marketing kit with specialized promotional and advertising materials. Google stickers, decals, postcards, social media post templates, and more are included. 


So, get your business on Google and Google My Business profile goes beyond posting and managing digital marketing. Smart company owners that employ GBP gain from improved Google rankings. You can get in touch with us for the services, enquire now.
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